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One Of A Kind Names For Rabbits – Never Ever Be Stuck With Bunnykins Once More

One Of A Kind Names For Rabbits - Never Ever Be Stuck With Bunnykins Once More

Seeking fantastic names for rabbits? Sick of the usual dull suspects? Look into our special, pleasurable names under and you may never have to resort to ‘Bunnykins’ again, Until you want to needless to say!

Bunny Aid: Famous singers

Does your bunny extravagant himself as a rock star? Likes to be the centre of awareness? Decide a fantastic title to select that Mindset.

Names for boy rabbits: Elvis, Bono, Sting, Marley, Prince, Bowie, Ziggy, Axl, Mick, Kurt, Ringo, Robbie, Jools, Eminem, Usher, Moby, Seal, Snoop, Fiddy, Buble.

Names for Woman rabbits: Cher, Fergie, Madonna, Beyonce, Girl GaGa, K.d, Britney, Dido, Mariah, Kelly, Amy, Carrie, Taylor, Pink, Alicia, Avril, Jewel, Gwen.

Pass Me My RayBuns: Designer bunny names

Gucci, Dolce, Gabbana, DG, RayBan, Prada, Hugo, Fendi, Calvin, Giorgio, Armani, Jean Paul, Gaultier, Kors, Oscar, Versace, Vera, Choo, Manolo, Miu Miu.

Meant For One another: Names for pairs of rabbits

Salt Pepper, Bubble Squeak, Arthur Martha, George Mildred, Superman Lois Lane, Tom Jerry, Milo Otis, Batman Robin, Hansel Gretel, Asterix Obelix, Barbie Ken, Barnes Noble, Ben Jerry, Wallace Gromit, Venus Serena, Victoria Albert, Edward Mrs Simpson, Rhubarb Custard, Rock (Hudson) Doris (Day), Homer Marge, Gin Tonic (or GT), Calvin Hobbes, Chip Dale.

Never Fence Me In: For the bunny who’s a rebel at heart

James Dean, Courtney, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Filthy Harry, Bonnie Clyde (see ‘Bunny Love’ over For additional names for rabbit pairs).

Oh You Smell So Sweet: Names from well known perfumes

Chanel, Coco, Envy, CK, No5, Angel, Allure, Anais, Eden, Paris, Pleasure, Skip Dior, Diorelle, Diorling, Charlie, Crystelle, Cinnabar, Bluebelle, Giorgio, Lou Lou, Samsara, Tommy Female, Organza.

Just Far too Cute

These names are for that additional special, Light bun that demands a thing truly sweet.

Crumbles, Poppy, Pinks, Bumble, Brambles, Marcello, Squeakle, Tartuffo (truffle in Italian), Winkles, Po (the infant from the Teletubbies, Crinkle, Jelly Bean.

One Of A Kind Names For Rabbits - Never Ever Be Stuck With Bunnykins Once More

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